AiroClamp Signature Bundle Handling System



AiroClamp is an incredibly powerful and flexible lifting system. Its ore compact than the competition, and built to last for many years. This handling system has been installed at some of the larges printing houses in the world!


Featuring job-specific custom design with rotating or non-rotating clamping arrangements, this system can be set up to lift and re-position almost any size and type of signature bundle. It's been developed to be capable of lifting from floor, skid or press to conveyor, machine or table and even overhead positions.

Fitting with task specific handles and controls allows users to operate the vacuum clamping system quickly and safely, even in difficult floor layouts. We can build units that can lift and reposition signature bundles and other products and components from 50lbs to 1000lbs! For heavier loads, we recommend the AiroLift materials handling system.

Originally designed for printing industry specific needs, the AiroClamp is built for almost any type signature bundle log. Utilized in high production situations where consistency and ease of use are paramount.


Utilizes air logic technology for excellent long-term, low maintenance operation with very low CFM use as well as automatic unit air shut off keeps operating costs very low and noise levels at a minimum! Also eliminates the need to run costly electrical connections, using only shop air for all operations. Catastrophic air loss is not a problem with AiroClamp either, as loads will just slowly and safely descend.

The manipulator controls are ergonomically designed for continuous operation all day without back, neck or wrist strain, which is always welcomed by workers! Grip and release functions are fully automatic, making operation quick and easy.

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Designed and manufactured to lift "signature bundles" for the printing industry and similar clamping situations, the AiroClamp can be set up for your product, and production needs, with clamping, lifting, as well as rotating capabilities!