AiroRail Lifting System and Manipulating


The AiroRail powerful material handling system design. The device features vacuum clamping and lifting, and can manipulate a huge variety of products, parts and material. The device was designed for high, overhead lifting, manipulating and dumping applications, while minimizing use of operating space requirements.


The AiroRail eliminates the need to run costly electrical connections, using only shop air for all operations, and is ergonomically designed for continuous operation all day without back, neck or wrist strain. AiroLift is always positively welcomed by workers.


The AiroRail can be set up to lift and manipulate from 50lbs — 1500lbs and almost any type of product or part. And it's built for application specific needs, so AiroRail can be used in clean-room and wash-down environments, as well as production process environments. It's a low maintenance material handling system, which utilizes air-logic technology for excellent long term operations, keeping your maintenance costs very low.

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