Top Swivel Hub (Part# 67034009)

Please be advised, we are informing all of our customers of a safety concern that has come to our attention. As stipulated in your product manual, it is imperative that the top swivel hub on each piece of equipment is inspected every 6-12 months for wear (see figure 6, part #3 or see figure 6 Rev. C, part #3 depending upon the drawing that you have in your manual). This is considered normal wear and tear and this part must be inspected within the above time interval to avoid and safety issues. Please see attached drawing “Figure 6″ and “Figure 6 Rev. C” for a diagram of the top swivel hub and the location that the wear occurs. If the part on your ewuipment shows wear, you will need to contact your sales representative to order a replacement (Reorder Part # 67034009).

In addition, be sure that the cable is secured properly and intact, and attached to the trolley in the correct manner (See “Part #8 of “Figure 6″ or “Figure 6 Rev. C”).

Also, if the top swivel hub does not look like part #3 on either of the drawings, it is recommended that you replace Part# 67034009 with the improved version that we currently use on our equipment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your sales representative or contact our service department at 800-215-3440 x29.