MinVac™ Multi-Task Lifting System



The MinVac is a very powerful and flexible multi-task lifting system. Featuring job-specific design, custom designed clamp and vacuum lifting, this capable material handling device can lift and re-position almost any kind of package or product.

MinVac Material Handling Systems are developed to be capable of lifting from floor, skid or bin to conveyor, machine or table, and even overhead positions. It features task specific handles and controls which allows the user to operate the MinVac quickly and safely, even in difficult environments, while optimizing use of the operating space.


The MinVac can be set up to lift and re-position bags, boxes, parts and panels, and an infinite variety of other objects from 25lbs to 650lbs. And, each MinVac is built for application specific needs, and can be used in fast pace production situations, as well as food-grade, wash-down and clean-room environments.

Utilizing air-logic technology for excellent long term, low maintenance operation keeps operating costs very low.

Needs for costly electrical connections are eliminated by using only shop-air for all operations, and ergonomically designed controls allow for continuous operation all day without back, neck or hand strain, which is always welcomed by workers!


The MinVac is designed to operate with minimal amount of maintenance, compared to competitive lifting aids. Completely air powered, the MinVac is a self-contained air / vacuum-powered hoist that provides a safe and more efficient way for a single operator to lift, maneuver and lower virtually any object up to 650lbs. The ergonomic design is easy to use and provides the operator with a functional control for maximum lifting power with a minimum of effort. The result is increased productivity with little or no fatigue!

Standard Features

  • Low dB levels elimination noise pollution
  • Control Panel is manufactured from 316L stainless steel for food, drug and chemical industries
  • Tangle free air hose system
  • Ergonomic design for one hand operation with minimal wrist movement
  • Low SCFM requirement (depending on porosity of product)
  • High speed lifting for better load handling
  • Powered by "shop" air eliminating separate vacuum pumps and "no" tube replacements

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Wire rope air balancer
  • Capacity: 5 lbs. to 650 lbs
  • Vertical Lift: 28 - 117 inches
  • Speed: Variable and adjustable
  • Vacuum, pneumatic and mechanical clamping attachments
  • Speed: Variable and adjustable